2 minutes

This workshop for beginners was conducted in our Siem Reap, Cambodia center. It illustrates how easy, casual and calm Karman Meditation looks.

However, what onlookers do not notice at first is the effort that participants put in. As I have said before, a huge body builder typically has a hard time finishing a 20 minute set because he is pushing against his own strength. The 80 year-old lady standing next to him, get as much exercise as she may need. Both finish the meditation feeling fulfilled, challenged and refreshed.

Join now. Once you have joined, the membership-only page opens several other videos and more material than what you may need to become an expert Karman Meditator in your own lounge, or garden.

Better yet, there will be a Karman Meditation group in our town where you can meet other like-minded people. Have fun, make friends, and get your life back again.

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